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8/20/2015 6:58 AM

Do You Need Separate Insurance When the Kids Are Away at School?

The kids are packing the car and getting ready to go away to college.  The question is are the kids protected in the event of a loss?  What about liability?  Is the family protected under the homeowner policy or should we buy a separate policy for the kids?  The colleges are suggesting you buy separate insurance for your kids.  But do you really need it?

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4/29/2013 12:40 AM

Financial Protection for Couples

Before getting married, there are a number of adjustments couples have to make. They may need financial protection and there are choices that to need to be made as to which spouse has the best existing insurance coverage. Auto: Single people tend to pay higher rates for auto insurance. When two people get married, they may qualify for a discount. It’s a good idea to review existing coverage and see which company offers the best combination of services. Home: When buying a home, the insured value of the house will be less than the market value. The insured value needs to be sufficient to repair or replace the home if there is a major disaster. Be sure that the coverage keeps pace with additions or major improvements that increase the value of your home. Set the deductable on the policy as high as you can. The higher the deductable, the less the coverage will can also mean fewer claims. Health: Most people get health insurance through their employer. If both spouses work, this can mean two hea ...

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12/18/2012 10:17 PM

Tips on Protecting Your Home While You're Away

Vacations are fun, but they may be costly if you fail to secure your home while you are away.  Burglars see this as an opportunity to target empty homes. There are over 2 million burglaries each year, mostly residential. Here are five preventative steps to keep your home safe: ~Dead-bold window and door locks to help slow a burglar down.  You may also receive a discount on your insurance policy for installing these devices. ~Invest in a burglar alarm.  An alarm system can result in an insurance discount. ~Make sure you have strong doors.  Outside doors and frames should be made of metal or solid hardwood and be at least 1 ¾ - inches thick.  Garage doors also need strong locks. ~If you save personal information on your computer, make sure it’s difficult to access. ~Keep valuables locked and well hidden.  Don’t leave personal documents in your desk since burglars know to look for them there.  Expensive jewelry should be hidden somewhere other than the ...

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10/9/2012 3:42 AM

Trees and Insurance

Fallen trees can cause huge damage to a home or car.  Most trees should be pruned during seasons when they are dormant or winter months. During a storm trees, shrubs and branches can become projectile causing massive damage to property.  Whether you own a tree or not, that lands on your home you should file a claim with your insurance company.  If a tree hits an insured structure such as your house, there is coverage for the cost of removing it, depending on the type of policy purchased. If the tree did not hit an insured structure, then there is no coverage for removal of debris.  Some insurance companies may pay for the cost of removing a tree if it’s blocking a driveway or handicap ramp. Cars that are damaged but a down tree are covered under the comprehensive portion of the auto insurance policy.Standard home insurance policies also cover damage to trees caused by fire, lighting, theft, and vehicles now owned by the resident, to name a few.   Trees and plants grown for ...

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7/6/2011 12:40 AM

Protect Yourself-An Agent Reveals 373 Ways to Protect the Safety & Well Being of What Matters Most To You...

Here is an excerpt from my latest book "Protect Yourself"  It gives some important information on protecting your home. How to Protect Your Home and Save Money As far as I'm concerned, home safety boils down to two things – protecting your home and possessions, and taking care of yourself and your family. Let's start with the building and contents.  Things that won't cost you a cent You don't have to turn your home into a fortress or spend a lot of money to make your place a heck-of-a-lot tougher for thieves to penetrate. In fact, there are a few things that won't cost a cent. I'm thinking here about keeping your doors and windows locked whenever possible, the garage door shut, letting trustworthy neighbors know and canceling newspaper and mail deliveries when you're going away, and fixing those shaky old fences.  Don't hide an emergency door key outside – thieves know all the "secret" places you believe they'll never think of, including that little bunny-rabbit figurine with ...

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5/9/2011 4:31 AM

How to Protect Your Home and Save Money

As far as I'm concerned, home safety boils down to two things-protecting your home and possesions, and taking care of yourself and your family.  Let's start with the building and contents. Things that won't cost you a cent. You don't have to turn your home into a fortress or spend a lot of money to make your place a heck-of-alot tougher for thieves to penetrate.  In fact, there are a few things that won't cost a cent.  I'm thinking here about your doors & windows locked whenever possible, the garage door shut, letting trusworthy neighbors know and canceling newspaper deliveries when you're going away. Here's a few other tips to protect you and your home: Don't hide an emergency door key outside Leave a key on the inside of a double deadbolt lock while your home so you can escape If your door locks and latches are old, or if you lost a key, replace them. Install Fire/Smoke detectors in all main rooms and hallways.  Also, remember to check the batteries regularly ...

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12/13/2010 12:06 AM

The Finer Points of Homeowner Insurance

In my last blog, i discussed some of the coverages that the average consumer misses on Auto Insurance.  In this article, I'd like to review some of the very important Homeowner Coverages. As I mentioned, buying insurance is a complicated contract.  It is written by a team of attorneys to protect the rights of the insurance company, not you!  If you are trying to save 15% in 15 minutes, you are probably going to pay more in the long run.  Here is a few items for your Homeowner policy to consider: Off Premises Theft:  This covers your goods when they are not in the home.  For example, golf clubs or holiday gifts being stolen out of the trunk of your car.  20% of all theft claims originate in other than the victims home Liability Limits Too Low:  Most homeowner policies I see have a $300,000 liability limit.  The cost to increase it to $500,000 is only $8-15 per year.  Also, make sure your Liability covers you for Personal Injury Missing Jewelry ...

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