4/17/2011 11:07 PM

Protect Yourself

1. Make the time to review and understand the risks that surround you.    

We live in an age of rapid change and deepening uncertainty. Perhaps more than ever before in our lifetimes, we have no idea what tomorrow will bring.  But one thing we do know is how much we want to protect those thingst hat are precious to us – our family and friends, our homes and other property, and our own well-being. That, at least, is a constant in our busy lives. We also know that, despite these unchanging needs, we face challenges and risks to them that call for sensible preparation and timely action. Our aim is to give you the information and tools you can use to meet those challenges. By knowing how to cut the risks and how to respond effectively in an accident or crisis, you can substantially improve your security and the welfare of those who matter so much to you, and gain some peace of mind.

Oftentimes, safekeeping is a matter of commonsense. But in the hectic whirl of life or the heat of the moment, commonsense can fly out of the window and we end up doing things that may not turn out to be for the best. That is why it pays to think ahead – to take precautions before trouble confronts you and to gain the knowledge that will help you keep a level head if it turns up.

Above all, it seems to me after considerable experience of helping others to do just that, there are five vital things thatyou need to do to protect yourself and your precious ones most effectively.

2. Take the appropriate action to minimize those risks.

Often, this does not need to cost much, or indeed, anything.

3. Be prepared to deal with a crisis in a calm and intelligent manner.  

4.  Let others – your kids, your partner, your employees or work colleagues-know how important theses things are, what you've done to protect them and what they should do to protect themselves. 

5.  Insure yourself against the threats to the safekeeping or your family, your property. 

You can do this if you already know what you will do if an emergency does arise.


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