5/9/2011 4:31 AM

How to Protect Your Home and Save Money

As far as I'm concerned, home safety boils down to two things-protecting your home and possesions, and taking care of yourself and your family.  Let's start with the building and contents.

Things that won't cost you a cent.

You don't have to turn your home into a fortress or spend a lot of money to make your place a heck-of-alot tougher for thieves to penetrate.  In fact, there are a few things that won't cost a cent.  I'm thinking here about your doors & windows locked whenever possible, the garage door shut, letting trusworthy neighbors know and canceling newspaper deliveries when you're going away.

Here's a few other tips to protect you and your home:

  • Don't hide an emergency door key outside
  • Leave a key on the inside of a double deadbolt lock while your home so you can escape
  • If your door locks and latches are old, or if you lost a key, replace them.
  • Install Fire/Smoke detectors in all main rooms and hallways.  Also, remember to check the batteries regularly!
  • Place a fire extinguisher in an entry-way closet
  • Develop a simple fire safety  and escape plan that you discuss with your family. 

At Brooks-Waterburn, it is our goal, to not only protect you but prevent losses as well.  Check out our website for more information www.brookswaterburn.com


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