8/14/2012 12:57 AM

Tips on Preventing Backing Accidents

The majority of backing up accidents are usually caused by driver unawareness or improper techniques.  Many of these accidents can be prevented just by remembering these simple tips:

  ~When entering an alley that doesn’t permit drive through or turnaround, back into the alley.  This will allow you to see the traffic as you exit.  Also, ask someone to be your guide and signal when it’s safe as opposed to verbal commands. 

~Most accidents that cause injury involve children.  Make sure you do a walk around inspection of your vehicle before backing. 

~If parking on an incline, turn the front wheels into the curb to prevent the vehicle from rolling. 

~Park in the middle of the parking space and remember to evaluate the location to determine if there are obstacles present. 

~Learn how the rear of the vehicle responds and practice backing. 

~Be aware of your surrounds and perform all maneuvers slowly. 

~Check all of your mirrors and blind spots.  Know the clearance to all obstacles and the distance to your stopping point.  


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