2/19/2013 10:18 PM

The Hidden Threat of Mold

Four months after Superstorm Sandy, mold is hidden in flooded buildings, underneath floors, under foundations, and door and window frames.  Sometimes it forms in plain sight and it can make homeowners sick. Mold can grow in homes that never completely dried out.  The owners may have waited to make repairs or couldn’t occupy the home because of safety concerns and vacant homes remain unheated.

Even after saturated belongings are thrown out and walls are scrubbed with cleaners and bleach, mold can still be found.   Mold can cause respiratory problems in people who are allergic or have asthma, and infections in those with chronic lung conditions.  If mold is treated safely, there should be minimal health complications.  Doing it yourself, however, could make things worse.  Chemicals used to clean mold can also cause respiratory issues.

Remember you should always read your policy and ask if there is coverage for mold claims. It’s important to know that some insurance policies exclude coverage for any type of mold damage.  On the contrary, some do cover damages if the mold arises from a covered loss.  If there is coverage, find out the circumstances and amount for the coverage.  


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