6/25/2013 4:44 AM

Preventing Boat Theft

During warm weather months, more people are out boating.  Boating is a favorite summer pastime but owning one could be costly, not only in price but in theft if the boat isn’t insured.  Many boat owners don’t consider the possibility of theft, but it is one of the most common crimes that occur each year.  One main reason is lack of safety precautions that owners fail to take. 

Below are some tips that can help deter thieves from stealing your boat and the valuables in it.
~Install an alarm system.  Boat alarms are similar to house alarms in preventing the threat of theft.  There are various alarm systems that vary in price and complexity.
~Never leave the keys in the ignition.  This may sound logical but most owners make the mistake of doing this if they feel the location is not a threat.
~Mark the boat and all equipment with an engraving pen.  Engraving your hull number and driver’s license can make recovering the items easier in case they are stolen.
~Make sure your boat is in a secure location when storing it.  If your boat is at home, make sure it’s in a garage or an area that’s completely out of sight.  If it’s parked in the driveway, it’s a good idea to block the boat with another vehicle.

If the worst should happen and you find your boat or equipment stolen, it pays to have comprehensive insurance in place.  Please contact our office at 888-997-9801 so we can help you to assess the many boat insurance options out there and find coverage that best suits your needs.


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