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How The Use of Cameras Can Help You keep Insurance Costs Down in your Laundromat or Grocery Store

Benefits of Using Cameras in your Laundromat or Grocery Store

 At Brooks Waterburn, we protect over 1,000 Laundromats nationwide and 100’s of grocery stores in the NY Metro area.  With that level of customers and experience, we have settled our share of claims in both industries. 

Without a doubt, the most frequent type of claim is the so called “Slip and Fall”.  In our office it represents 55% of all claims in the Laundromat and Grocery Store business.  Unfortunately, a rather large percentage of these claims are either completely false or the fault is clearly the customers.  We had one claim in a Laundromat that the mother of a young child was not paying attention as the child climbed on a chair and fell.  You, as business owner can do everything right, such as keeping floors clean or aisles clear and still suffer a loss.

These claims will lead to higher insurance premiums as well reduced coverage.  What’s a small business owner to do?  One solution is to employ a proactive strategy that uses of cameras and staff training.  While many stores already have cameras, employing the right strategy can go a long way to reducing claims and keeping your premiums down.  Here are some suggestions:

  •        Have cameras that cover your entire operation including “back of house”.  (it goes a long way to prevent employee theft)

  •      Save the data in your video feed as long as possible.  (minimum 90 days)  The costs of camera equipment and data storage has gone down dramatically over the past several years.  It no longer is an expensive cost to maintain a quality video system.  The reason you should save data for at least 90 days is that claimant attorneys are waiting beyond the 30 day traditional data saving time to alert you of a potential claim.  Once the video feed is erased, your case is much weaker

  •       Train your staff that if there is an incident, report it immediately.  We suggest they fill out an Incident Report Form.  If you need a form, contact us and we’ll get you one.  Reporting the information while it is still fresh will ensure its accuracy.

  •     Make sure your staff reports the incident to management as soon as possible.  Once you are notified, review all videos available

  •       Report any slip and fall incident to your insurance company or agent right away.  Early reporting goes a long way to reduce the amount paid in a claim.  Sometimes it just takes a few dollars to make the claim go away. 

  •    Do not talk to any claimant attorney without the ok of your insurance company.  Remember, these attorneys do this for a living.  They know how to get you to slip up and say the wrong thing.  You might have a claim once a year or so.  They are far better at this than you are!

Given today’s litigious society and the high cost of insurance, it pays to take some proactive steps to protect your business.  Of course Brooks Waterburn stands ready to assist you if you have any questions.  Feel free to reach out to us at 888-997-9801 or check out our website at www.brookswaterburn.com



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