6/5/2012 1:37 AM

Should You Take Car Rental Insurance?

Have you ever been standing at the car rental desk when the clerk asks, ‘would you like to add insurance to your rental vehicle today?’  And you wonder…. "Does my auto policy cover the rental?  Does the credit card I’m using to pay for the car cover it?  Or should I buy the rental company's insurance?" Unfortunately, I don’t have a quick answer for you…rental car coverage can be trickier than anybody would like it to be.  What you decide to do depends on several things: First, your auto policy most likely extends coverage to rented vehicles.  HOWEVER, that will not always be true!  It depends on where and how you use the rented vehicle. For example, if you're doing business while away, your personal auto policy may NOT cover you or the rented car. And, you may travel to a country or territory that's excluded by your policy. Plus, only coverage you've purchased for yourself extends to the rental car. Rental car companies have little tricks ...

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5/30/2012 1:59 AM

The Importance of Having an Insurance Agent

Whether it’s driving to work, picking up the kids, or meeting up with friends, everybody is engulfed in their daily routines and activities.  Most people don’t think about what could be lurking around the corner and how life can change in an instant.

Maggie’s touching story reiterates how unpredictable life can be and how your insurance agent can help guide you when the unexpected occurs. People like Maggie are the reason why we do what we do every day.

Maggie’s Story


5/23/2012 12:42 AM

The Pitfalls of Telecommuting

With ever-changing technology mixed in with the era of high gas prices, a new world of work has been created..telecommuting.  More and more employees seek to take advantage of the benefits of telecommuting, but it has become a prime hotspot for most employers. Federal and state labor laws apply to telecommuting employees just as they would if they were working on site.      Here are just a few legal issues employers face and how they can handle them:  Wage and Hour Requirements-To qualify as a telecommuter, an employee must receive pay for work done off site.  Work schedules must be monitored and recorded as if the employee was clocking in and out, same as their onsite counterparts.  Safety-OSHA doesn’t have any regulations governing telework in home offices, but they will conduct inspections of other home-based work sites, such as “home manufacturing operations” if they receive a complaint.  Workers Compensation-Injuries at th ...

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5/15/2012 12:59 AM

Talking To Your Teens About Safe Driving

Summer is just around the corner and this is the time of year where everybody should be more cautious on the road, especially young drivers.  The months between graduation and summer vacation are the most deadliest for teenage drivers. For many, it will be their first taste of freedom as they become new license holders.  For parents, it can be the most nerve wrecking, but they are also the key in helping lower the risk of accidents among youth. Many parents believe that drunk driving is the number one cause of teenage accidents when in reality it is not.  Risky driving behaviors such as texting, speeding, rowdy passengers, and talking on the phone play a major role in youth accidents. Parents are encouraged to talk to their children about the dangers of risky driving behavior before they are old enough to get behind the wheel.  According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, August, July, May and June are the four deadliest months for youth crash deaths. Parents’ involve ...

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5/9/2012 2:23 AM

The Good, The Bad, and The Not-So-Pretty Factors in The Cost of Car Insurance

To some folks shopping for car insurance is ranked up there with waiting in line at the DMV.  With all the different rates and options most people wonder how insurance companies come up with the cost of car insurance premiums. Here are some factors companies use to determine car insurance rates and hopefully,  help take out the confusion from the decisions made by the man behind the curtain.  Age: Those young whipper-snappers have it tough!  Insurance companies have a dim view on young drivers between the ages of 18-20, where rates are most likely to shoot up.  The average 18 year old can pay almost twice what an adult pays!  Location:  If you have to dress your car with a bumper guard you probably live in a congested area.  Insurance companies know that the more congested the area you live; the more likely you are to get into an accident.  Companies take into account the crime rate, traffic, and what kind of lia ...

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7/18/2011 12:07 AM

A Healthy Approach to Sickness

Here's a tricky question that I've run into in my own business from time to time, and one that I expect you've encountered: How do you feel about the hero employee who turns up for work when they're patently sick? Sheesh, you've probably done it yourself. But does it make sense? Well, of course, that all depends on what kind of sickness it is and how it impacts on everyone else's performance. But the bottom line for me is that if an employee - or even you - has a contagious sickness, you should not be in the workplace. The reason is so glaringly obvious it hardly needs stating -- but I will. The sick person will simply infect others, and then you'll have an even bigger problem on your hands. Still, some employees, especially the good ones as it happens, seem to think they'll get marked down for taking sick leave. Your job is to let them know that's not the case -- and don’t wait till they fall sick to tell them. Let them know it's more important that they give you as much warning as possible if they t ...

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7/6/2011 12:40 AM

Protect Yourself-An Agent Reveals 373 Ways to Protect the Safety & Well Being of What Matters Most To You...

Here is an excerpt from my latest book "Protect Yourself"  It gives some important information on protecting your home. How to Protect Your Home and Save Money As far as I'm concerned, home safety boils down to two things – protecting your home and possessions, and taking care of yourself and your family. Let's start with the building and contents.  Things that won't cost you a cent You don't have to turn your home into a fortress or spend a lot of money to make your place a heck-of-a-lot tougher for thieves to penetrate. In fact, there are a few things that won't cost a cent. I'm thinking here about keeping your doors and windows locked whenever possible, the garage door shut, letting trustworthy neighbors know and canceling newspaper and mail deliveries when you're going away, and fixing those shaky old fences.  Don't hide an emergency door key outside – thieves know all the "secret" places you believe they'll never think of, including that little bunny-rabbit figurine with ...

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7/4/2011 11:47 PM

Top 10 Boating Tips

As Boating season is upon is, here are my top 10 tips to stay safe in the water.  1. Always wear a life jacket and insist that your crew and guests do the same.  Approximately 75 percent of all fatal boating accident victims drowned in 2009.(1) Eighty-four percent of those who drowned were not wearing a personal flotation device (PFD) or life jacket. Always have an adequate supply of personal flotation devices aboard. Make sure that children are wearing appropriate life jackets that fit correctly. Drowning was the reported cause of death for approximately 50 percent of the children who perished in boating accidents in 2009. Seven out of every 10 boaters who drowned were on vessels less than 21’ in length. In cold water areas, life jackets are even more important. A fall into water colder than 60 degrees (Fahrenheit) can induce “cold shock” – a sudden gasping for air that can increase the risk of drowning, especially in older people.  2. Never drink alcohol while boati ...

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5/9/2011 4:31 AM

How to Protect Your Home and Save Money

As far as I'm concerned, home safety boils down to two things-protecting your home and possesions, and taking care of yourself and your family.  Let's start with the building and contents. Things that won't cost you a cent. You don't have to turn your home into a fortress or spend a lot of money to make your place a heck-of-alot tougher for thieves to penetrate.  In fact, there are a few things that won't cost a cent.  I'm thinking here about your doors & windows locked whenever possible, the garage door shut, letting trusworthy neighbors know and canceling newspaper deliveries when you're going away. Here's a few other tips to protect you and your home: Don't hide an emergency door key outside Leave a key on the inside of a double deadbolt lock while your home so you can escape If your door locks and latches are old, or if you lost a key, replace them. Install Fire/Smoke detectors in all main rooms and hallways.  Also, remember to check the batteries regularly ...

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4/27/2011 12:00 AM

How to Prevent Eye Injuries on the Job

 FORESIGHT PRESERVES EYESIGHT There are all kinds of eye hazards in construction work – and there's excellent protection for every eye hazard you'll find on a project. Just remember: there's every kind of eye protective device readily available – but you're using your one and only pair of eyes right now. Here are some of the more common operations where eye protection is an absolute must:  Chipping, sledging and hammering on metal, stone or concrete.    Using manual, pneumatic and power impact tools.    Caulking, brushing and grinding.    Drilling, scaling and scraping.    Soldering and casting hot metals.    Handling hot tar, oils, liquids, and molten substances.    Handling acids, caustics, and creosoted materials.    Gas welding, cutting and brazing.    Electric arc welding and cutting; also, any operations that may expose ...

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