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11/5/2010 2:38 AM

Who Needs Flood Insurance?

As an insurance agent for over 21 years, I have offered flood insurance to almost all my clients with whom we have Homeowners Insurance.  Unless they live near the water or the bank requires it, the response is almost always the same.  It goes something like;  "I don't live anywhere near the water, what do I need Flood Insurance for?" In most cases, I respond that most flood damage come from areas that are no where near the water.  Just this past summer in Levittown, NY (about 6 miles from any water), there were major thunderstorms that caused flash flooding in some streets.  Many of the houses were flooded and nobody had the right protection.  I recently came across a really neat web page put out by the National Flood Plan.  You input how much flood damage is done to your house, eg 6 inches.  The website will estimate how much, in dollars, the damage will cause.  What it shows is astonishing.  A mere 6 inches in flood damage to a 2,000 square foot home ...

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