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11/26/2012 5:05 AM

Negligent Entrustment

Employers have a responsibility to know if a person has something in their driving record that can create risk to others.  Negligent entrustment is when a company knows or should have known that they put an unsafe driver behind the wheel of a company car.  Injury caused by the driver must have several elements proven in order to establish a lawsuit for negligent entrustment. ~The owner of the company knew the driver ~The driver  was unlicensed or incompetent, and the owner was aware of it. ~The driver was negligent in operation of the vehicle, and his negligence resulted in damages.    A driver may be incompetent if he or she is intoxicated, unlicensed, inexperienced, or has a record of reckless driving.  Some examples include: ~Not have a drivers' license or driving with a suspended license. ~Not having a CDL (Commercial Driver's License) when it is required. ~No experience in operating a specific kind of vehicle. ~The driver's motor vehicle record has several violat ...

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