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4/29/2013 12:40 AM

Financial Protection for Couples

Before getting married, there are a number of adjustments couples have to make. They may need financial protection and there are choices that to need to be made as to which spouse has the best existing insurance coverage. Auto: Single people tend to pay higher rates for auto insurance. When two people get married, they may qualify for a discount. It’s a good idea to review existing coverage and see which company offers the best combination of services. Home: When buying a home, the insured value of the house will be less than the market value. The insured value needs to be sufficient to repair or replace the home if there is a major disaster. Be sure that the coverage keeps pace with additions or major improvements that increase the value of your home. Set the deductable on the policy as high as you can. The higher the deductable, the less the coverage will can also mean fewer claims. Health: Most people get health insurance through their employer. If both spouses work, this can mean two hea ...

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4/17/2013 12:17 AM

Boat Pre-Launch Maintenance

It’s spring time! For millions of boaters that means it’s time to take their boats out of storage and put them in the water. Annual preparations and cleaning are necessary to help ensure the boats safety and also to prevent problems that could keep them off the water. Before your launch, here are some main areas of maintenance: Fuel System: Inspect the fuel system for damage or leaks. Signs of damage to fuel hoses include softness, brittleness or cracking. Replace components when necessary and make sure all fittings are secure. Don’t forget to check if the engine, exhaust and ventilation systems are working properly. Electrical System: Inspect all electrical connections and make sure they are fit properly and clean since corrosion is a sign that the connection may not be safe. Charge you battery and have it tested to ensure that it can hold a charge. Propellers and Hulls: Inspect propellers for any dings, cracks or distortion. Make sure it is secured and replace bearings when needed. Dama ...

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4/9/2013 11:49 PM

Distracted Driving Awareness Month

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Despite the risks, many people still engage in accident causing driving behaviors that are otherwise preventable. Here are some sombering statistics as to why some may call distractive driving a national epidemic:


~Approximately 86% of drivers say they ate while driving

~37% of drivers have sent or received text messages while driving

~36% adult drivers said they have read maps while driving

~Younger drivers were more likely to be distracted drivers, while men were most likely to drive sleepy, drunk, or reading a map

~Most people are aware that distracted driving is dangerous, but do it anyway.

As part of Distracted Driving Awareness Month, the National Safety Councis has issued a website where you can pledge to drive distraction free (from cell use) not only for the month of April but for the rest of the year. Pledge to be distraction free for your safety, the safety of your family and your community.

4/8/2013 4:55 AM

Why You Need an Agent

Many customers feel the only difference between one insurance company or agent and another is price.  While price is important, the experience and knowledge of an agent fighting for your rights can be the difference in getting a major claim paid or not.  Here is a story about one of our clients.  The names have been changed to protect the innocent. One of our clients had a devastating Super Storm Sandy claim.  The insured was a building owner located on the South Shore of Long Island.  In the building was a restaurant that opened for business the day before the storm.  The building suffered major damaged to the roof. In the beginning, we got him a $10,000 advance.  Then the process grinded to a halt.  The insurance company were dragging their feet and basically put up one obstacle after another.  This was an old roof and the insurance company was claiming that there was damage already there prior to the storm.  No amount of engineer reports or co ...

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