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6/25/2013 4:44 AM

Preventing Boat Theft

During warm weather months, more people are out boating.  Boating is a favorite summer pastime but owning one could be costly, not only in price but in theft if the boat isn’t insured.  Many boat owners don’t consider the possibility of theft, but it is one of the most common crimes that occur each year.  One main reason is lack of safety precautions that owners fail to take.  Below are some tips that can help deter thieves from stealing your boat and the valuables in it. ~Install an alarm system.  Boat alarms are similar to house alarms in preventing the threat of theft.  There are various alarm systems that vary in price and complexity. ~Never leave the keys in the ignition.  This may sound logical but most owners make the mistake of doing this if they feel the location is not a threat. ~Mark the boat and all equipment with an engraving pen.  Engraving your hull number and driver’s license can make recovering the items easier in case they are sto ...

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6/19/2013 2:01 AM

Boat Insurance

Some companies provide limited coverage for damage for small boats such as canoes, sail boats or small power boats under a homeowners or renters policy. Liability coverage is usually not included but can be added as an endorsement on homeowners’ policy. Call us to find out if your boat is covered and what your limits are. Yachts, jet skis and wave runners require a separate policy. For loss or damage, coverage’s include the hull, machinery, fittings, and furnishings which are part of an actual cash value policy or an agreed amount value. Actual Cash Value pays for replacement costs at the time of loss. In the event of a total loss, used boat pricing guides are used to determine it’s approximate market value. Agreed Amount Value means that the policies you and your insurer have agreed on the value of your boat and if there is a total loss, you will be paid that amount. Damage exclusions may include normal wear, insects, mold, animals, or machinery damage. Insurance ...

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6/12/2013 12:13 AM

Poolside Safety

It's summer time and pools are a great way to beat the heat. Even though poolside activities can be fun, there are still some safety precautions that should be taken. Swimming without supervision can lead to drowning. Every year we hear about the deaths of children who fall into pools and drown because a gate was left open or there was lack of  adult presence.  Also, many can injuries occur as a result from slipping on decks and falling from diving boards and ladders. Here are some precautions you can take to help lessen the possibility of an injury or death: ~ Remember to always be alert! Watch your children when they are near or in a pool. Teach children safety water tips and share instructions with family and friends. ~ Learn how to swim if you don’t already know how to and teach your children also. It’s a good idea learn the basics of life-saving as well as CPR, so you can assist in case of an emergency. ~ Create a pool safety toolkit equipped with a first aid kit, scissors, a ...

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6/9/2013 11:24 PM

Safety Tips During a Tornado

When a tornado strikes and panic hits, not many people know what to do. With the recent high incidents of deadly tornadoes in Oklahoma, survival skills and safety should be top priority. Although tornadoes are common in the central part of the United States, they can form anywhere, even in large cities. Know the Warning Signs - Tornadoes can strike with little warning, though meteorologists are a better able to predict the signs if one is coming. A few minute warning can provide opportunity for those in the tornado’s path to seek shelter. If you notice dark green skies, large hail, dark rotating low-lying cloud, and a load roar similar to that of a train, seek proper shelter immediately.   Tornado Watch vs Tornado Warning - A tornado watch means that conditions are favorable for tornadoes to form. Be alert for changes in the weather and listen to your local weather stations for updated information. If you have time, move any outside items to minimize flying debris and keep your car keys with ...

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