New York Landlord Insurance

As owner of an apartment building, ask yourself - does your insurance cover the risks of a natural disaster? A natural disaster would not only cause you to lose the value of the property, but also the loss of a substantial rental income. That's why it is critical to have the right insurance coverage to protect you from a financial ruin. Brooks Waterburn Corp offers specialized Landlord Insurance policies that can protect your property and rental income, as well as give you some of the best liability solutions available in the state of New York.

A Rental Property Insurance policy is critical for anyone who owns an apartment building, as there is no telling when a natural disaster might strike. It offers extensive coverage for major disasters such as fire, windstorm, and vandalism. In addition the Apartment Building Insurance provides coverage for liability arising from lawsuits such as slip and falls. The insurance also ensures that you continue to earn an income from loss of rents even after you suffer a loss.

What You Should Expect From Your Landlord Insurance Policy

Building Coverage - Covers the apartment building and structure, including, but not limited to, fences, storage buildings, garages, retaining walls and more. Also includes owned personal property which is used to maintain the building premises.

Comprehensive General Liability - Protects the insured against any legal liability case brought due to a personal injury, and property damage.

Loss of Income aka Rental Property Insurance - Covers the loss of business income because of a suspension of operations due to accidental loss to the apartment premises.

Equipment Breakdown - Offers comprehensive coverage for damage to property caused due to a breakdown of the covered equipment, such as an explosion of steam boilers.

Ordinance and Law - Offers coverage for the loss of value and any cost increases due to the enforcement of municipal laws or ordinances related to the construction or repair of damages caused to the building.

As an apartment building owner, you have worked very hard for your income and made considerable investment on your property. Don't let a natural disaster or event take that away from you.

Here's why you should get started:

This is the best time to protect your source of income and cover your apartment from loss due to a natural disaster or lawsuit.

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