Protect the Dream You Worked So Hard to Achieve.

Beauty school wasn’t easy. Neither was business school.  No matter how you arrived at owning your salon, it took ambition, passion, hard work and a big investment, not just in capital, but in yourself and in your dream.

At Brooks-Waterburn Corp., we know what it takes to build a business from the ground up: boldness, ingenuity, and skill.  We also know what happens when you don’t properly protect that precious investment of time, money and effort. Business insurance for salon owners isn’t a luxury, it’s a must.

For 50 years, salon owners have entrusted us to protect every aspect of their investment, every inch of their property and every “What if?” that could possibly occur. Many come to us because we offer beauty salon  insurance at better rates with more comprehensive coverage—and because our firm highly respects business owners.

What kind of salon owner are you?

Like our clients, you’ve probably built a successful, thriving salon; brimming with action and talent. As you know, so much more happens in salons than just hair color and pedicures. Client’s lives are changed for the better. Community is created. And as everyone knows, a great business is built on word of mouth and reputation—something you’ve probably worked very hard to maintain. With all the work involved, beauty salon insurance is probably the last thing on your mind.

Chances are, your salon has had thousands of hours put into it: from late nights obsessing over the decor to long afternoons deliberating on which talent to hire; not to mention the day to day upkeep and effort it takes to continue to grow.

It’s hard to imagine that with all of your careful planning, hard-earned profit and passion behind every detail, that you could lose it all within a matter of minutes. It may also be hard to believe that many salon owners take the chance of leaving their insurance up to companies who care more about profit than protection.

At Brooks-Waterburn Corp., we make sure that your beauty salon insurance will protect the dream you’ve worked tirelessly to create. Our clients are insured with the most affordable, dependable, and extensive policies available.

Insurance is like beauty: it’s not “one size fits all.” Whether you’re looking for hair dresser insurance or beauty salon insurance, we find the policy that works the best for you.

You’ve heard the stories: cotton candy pink hair when the customer wanted to look like Julia Roberts. Chemical burns from allergic reactions. Plantar warts from unsanitary foot baths. Ripped skin from waxing disasters. Every good business owner knows that NO business can or should face a lawsuit unprepared.

Sometimes, the most dangerous situation arises from what’s been forgotten: like unplugging a flat iron or failing to lock up at closing time. Between lawsuits and fires, even the perfect salon with the most doting and experienced staff can suffer major losses from unexpected mistakes.

Save yourself your peace of mind and your salon: let Brooks-Waterburn use our expertise to make sure you never have to face losing everything you’ve spent your life creating.

There are several types of business insurance for salon owners and hair stylist insurance. Brooks-Waterburn can tailor the following, depending on your needs:

  • Professional Liability Insurance: Covers damages claimed due to an error in professional services performed (i.e. hair loss from improper use of coloring chemicals). Also protects against property damage lawsuits.
  • Property Coverage: Covers your property and the contents from damage created by fire, flood or natural disaster.
  • Business Interruption Coverage: This includes loss of income if your building is deemed uninhabitable.
  • Auto Insurance: In the case you or your staff use a company car
  • Worker’s Compensation

Take Action Now to protect your salon!