Most business owners have been led to believe that Workers Compensation is "Workers" Compensation. They believe because NY Workers Comp is "legislated," and that they have no control over their costs. Nothing could be further from the truth.

New York Workers Compensation is the ONE insurance that you, the business owner, can CONTROL. Don’t believe for a minute that the skyrocketing premiums you are paying are something you simply have to accept. You can take back financial control of your Workers Compensation program by reading about the mistakes and the management process we undertake-so you cease being overcharged.

Premium Audits

What happens when you are notified that the insurance company's auditors are coming to conduct a premium audit?

Hiring Practices

Hire the right person in the first place. Improve your current hiring practices and keep your rates low.

Return to Work Program

When an injury occurs at your company wouldn't you like a step-by-step process that will minimize the claim amount, get the employee back to work as soon as possible, and most importantly, save you money?

Experience Modification

Most insurance buyers accept on "good faith" their experience modification factor is correct. WHY?

Read our helpful information at the links above, then fill out our quick and simple Protection Savings Form here on the web! We will make sure you have the best Workers Compensation Insurance available at the lowest price possible.