Experience Modification

Most insurance buyers accept on "good faith" their experience modification factor is correct. WHY?

When we looked at experience modifications, we found that more than 50% were wrong and over 80% were wrong when the business is conducted in more than one state. Translation: 1 out of every 2 businesses may be overcharged.

What would you bet that your company’s Experience Modification for the past 3 years is 100% correct?

Do you know how much more money “open” claims cost you because of their effect on your Experience Modification?

Too many people lead to even more errors. It’s just common sense.

The insurance company assumes you know the "SYSTEM" and how to keep your payroll records. The truth is that very few agents and almost no insured’s understand the Experience Mod.

The insurance claims department works independently of the people at the company who put your policy together. They both work independently of the auditor. Everybody works independently of the people at the state bureau that coordinate all of the information the insurance company sends it.

Too many hands touching your data lead to the mistakes that cause you to be overcharged.

Who checks to make sure all of these people working on YOUR account, are putting the information into the "SYSTEM" correctly?

You guessed it WE DO. Errors can be corrected and money can be returned to you!