Hiring Practices

Hiring the Right Person in the First Place

The fact is, companies who “hire claims” pay more for their workers comp insurance than those companies who don't.

A Brooks-Waterburn “Comp-Control” specialist can show how a few changes in your hiring practices can dramatically impact your insurance rates. Few companies realize they “hire claims,” employees whose work history indicates an unusual tendency to collect workers’ compensation claims. These kind of workers can do incredible damage to a company, causing skyrocketing insurance rates while the hurting the credibility of workers who have suffered legitimate injuries.

Our “Comp-Control”specialist will show you how to create written job descriptions complete with the essential physical job functions for each job, how to use a “Conditional Offer of Employment” form and a“Post Offer - Pre Placement Medical Questionnaire” to limit “bad hires,” how to use Pre Employment Physicals and formal employee Performance Appraisals to weed out those employees who could cost you a fortune and recognize those prospects who would be good workers.

We provide our clients with a turnkey system to improve current hiring methods. Stronger employee relationships will dramatically reduce employee lawsuits. With a host of hiring forms, we also provide access to a wealth of hiring tips and guides to support the hiring process.

The right employees make you money. The wrong ones cost you money. It’s that simple.