Return to Work Program

  • When your current agent designed and implemented their Back-to-Work Program for you in order  to minimize claim payments and the dramatic impact they have on your premium, by how much did you lower your premium the next year?
  • You’re trying to get an employee to whom you’ve been paying Workers’ Compensation benefits back to work—someone who has been out  weeks—who if you knew it was YOU, you’d already be back to work. Moreover, you know that every additional day they sit at home hearing another barrage of the “Call 1-800 Get-Rich Quick” attorney commercials and that the claim is eating up your time and money. When you had this type of situation, what has your agent recommended?

If your answer to that questions was “huh?” or “what program?,” you probably have claims that are costing you much more than you think. Did you know that for every dollar in Workers' Compensation claims that are paid, you pay the insurance company approximately three dollars in increased premium?  That’s like borrowing money at a 300% interest rate!

When an injury occurs at your company wouldn’t you like a step-by-step process that will minimize the claim amount, get the employee back to work as soon as possible, and  save you money?

Not only can Brooks-Waterburn implement an effective “Return to Work Program,” we will show you specifically how much each claim costs you in terms of increased premiums. In addition, we audit the insurance company too. You would be surprised to see the amount of mistakes such as duplicate payments and over payments that the insurance company makes. Who pays for this? YOU!

The average business that doesn’t have a “Return to Work Program” will pay an average of 25% more in Workers’ Compensation premiums than those who do.

Q: Is a “Return to Work Program”difficult to set up?

A: Not at all. In fact, we’ll do all the work. We’ll develop a customized program for your organization that will ensure minimum “down time” for injured employees. We will even meet with your staff to explain how everything works.

See how a “Return to Work Program” can reduce your Workers' Compensation premium. We’ll show you in actual dollars how by just reducing “down time” by 5-10%, you can save thousands. Contact us today for free information.