AFLAC Short-Term Disability

Even though there are the lucky yet few out there who love getting up and going to work every morning to their dream job, most people in the work force are out there supporting their families and the way of life to which they have become accustomed. If you were to suddenly become disabled and could no longer get up and go to work to earn your paycheck, the people who depend on you and your income could suffer greatly.

Brooks-Waterburn Corp. of Westbury, NY understands just how important it is for most people to be able to earn a steady income. A disability that brought a sudden halt to that income would be devastating. Therefore, we are pleased to offer you Aflac’s group short-term disability benefits.

In this day and age, the benefits that an employer offers is just as important, if not more so, as the pay that they provide. Chances are that the job that you hold now drew your attention because of the health and disability insurance that was offered to you as an employee. In fact, you may have worked long, hard hours to earn a degree that made it possible for you to work in your current job to be able to take advantage of some of those benefits.

As a member of the world’s work force, you know that having the right group short-term disability insurance through your employer provides you with invaluable peace of mind. By providing you with the opportunity to be covered through quality insurance for disability, your employer is effectively taking the worry of financial devastation in the event of a disability off your shoulders. You are able to get out of bed each morning and head off to your job with the confidence that your family will be provided for if you are unable to work for a period of time.

Some Key Aspects of Aflac’s Short-Term Disability Benefits

One of the best things about this type of disability benefits insurance is that every single employee that is working full time for the company will be able to obtain coverage. However, it is important to note that as an employee you may be subject to some income requirements in order to be eligible for disability insurance coverage.

Another great feature of this type of disability benefits insurance is that if you do not feel that the guaranteed amount of coverage that is provided is sufficient for you or your situation, then it is possible to receive coverage that is above that amount. All it takes is a little simple underwriting, the meeting certain income requirements and you will have the coverage you need.

If you are not sure which amount of group short-term disability income insurance is right for you, a Brooks-Waterburn Corp. agent will be able to provide you with all the details so you can make the most informed decision regarding your coverage options.

One more thing that needs to be pointed out is the fact that you do not have to worry about waiting periods that start over. If this group short-term disability income insurance is a replacement for coverage that you already have in place, then it is possible to transfer the amount that you have built up toward pre-existing conditions to your new policy.

What Insurance for Disability Pays

Insurance for disability will pay you for a disabling injury or illness that does not occur while you are on the job, yet prevents you from returning to the work force for some time. As long as you are a full time employee and your disability benefits insurance policy is active, you can rest assured that you will be covered.

If the injury or the illness that you contract renders you totally disabled, then you will be entitled to a portion of your benefits. You will receive payment for every day that you are totally disabled and unable to go to work. Keep in mind that the benefits are only payable up to a selected period and are subject to be eliminated one that period has passed.

If you give birth to a child within the first ten months of the date that your disability insurance policy goes into effect that pregnancy will not be covered. However, if you experience complications, such a childbirth will be considered an illness and covered as such.

Likewise, cosmetic surgery and dental procedures are not typically covered. However, if the cosmetic surgery is considered reconstructive following a condition that is covered by your policy, such procedures will be covered by your policy. If the dental treatment that you have done is due to an accidental injury, such treatment will be covered for the first year following an accident.

Group short-term disability insurance can be a bit overwhelming. Just click on the quote request button and one of our agents will contact you to address all of your coverage questions and concerns.