AFLAC Short-Term Disability

Almost twenty percent of the people living in the United States today is suffering from a debilitating disability that affects their life each and every day. Of those people, approximately forty percent are less than sixty-five years old. Nearly thirty percent of the people that enter the workforce today will suffer from some kind of disability before they reach the age of retirement.

As an employer, these are all serious facts that you need to take into consideration. You already understand just how important the people are that you have working for your organization. In fact, they are your number one asset. Therefore, it is important that you think long and hard about the best way to protect the livelihood of these employees.

Why Disability Insurance Is So Important

The cost of living in this day and age is higher than ever. This means that most people out there are living in a two-income family with each income crucial to the survival of that family. If one of the working members of a family becomes unable to work, even for a little while, the entire family will suffer.

Just because a person is no longer able to go to work every day does not mean that the bills will stop coming, the family will not need any more food and the children will not need clothes or an education. People start dipping into their savings and retirement funds just to stay afloat with their normal financial obligations. Therefore, insurance for disability should be a vital part of everyone’s financial plan in today’s workforce.

The Employer’s Role in Disability Insurance

As a business owner, you know that when your employees’ minds are at peace things get done better. When they are not worried about what will happen to their children’s education and the meals on their dinner table if they were suddenly unable to come to work for some time, they are able to remain focused on doing their job.

By offering disability benefits insurance to the people in your employ, such as Aflac’s group short-term disability benefits, you are providing them with that all-important peace of mind. Group short-term disability income benefits from Brooks-Waterburn Corp. of Westbury, NY is the first step in hiring and retaining top performing employees for your company that will effectively support your bottom line.

Reasons for Choosing Aflac’s Group Short-Term Disability Benefits

With Aflac’s group short-term disability benefits, your employees will have a dependable income source while they are not able to work. This will make it possible to focus on their recovery and thus get back to helping your company grow and thrive. Aflac is one of the leading providers of insurance for disability, so you and your employees know that they are receiving quality benefits.

One reason that so many members of the workforce are drawn to companies that offer Aflac’s group short-term disability benefits is because they know they will be compensated for every day of their disability. In addition, even if they receive disability benefits from somewhere else, such as Social Security, they will still receive cash benefits paid by Aflac.

What Is and Is Not Covered

Aflac’s group short-term disability benefits will pay employees for illness and off-the-job injury. If an employee becomes sick or is injured while not involved in work related activities, as long as they are a full time employee and their policy is in force, they will receive compensation as long as they are disabled.

Even though there is a wide variety of conditions that will lead to payable benefits up to the choses benefits period, there are also some things that Aflac’s group short-term disability benefits will not cover, such as:

  • Childbirth following a normal pregnancy that occurs within the initial ten months of the policy’s effective date; however, pregnancy complications will be covered as an illness
  • Any illness or injury that takes place while the employee is under the influence of narcotics that were not administered according to a doctor’s instruction
  • Disability that occurred due to the employees participation in a felony criminal act
  • Attempted suicide or other self-inflicted injury that occurs with intention
  • Cosmetic surgery or dental treatment, with the exception of reconstructive surgery following disease, infection or trauma and dental treatment necessary due to an accidental injury that occurs within one year of that accident
  • Exposure to war or acts of war, whether declared or not, as well as military or auxiliary service as a result
  • Total disability that occurs outside of the United States, Canada or Mexico
  • Emotional or mental disability, with the exception of Alzheimer’s disease and other types of senile dementia that occurs while the employee’s policy is in force

As the owner of a company, you have the primary goal of securing all of the assets of that company. Since, your most valuable asset is your employees, it is important to make certain the benefits you have in place are sufficient. Act now to ensure your employees have the peace of mind and security that they deserve before it is too late by clicking on the quote request button to connect with Brooks-Waterburn Corp. today.