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New York is a boater's paradise. Imagine you just bought a powerful outboard motor boat. And you can't wait to put in the water. The only question you have is where to go first. You can stay local and drop in the Sound or the Hudson. Or go for a road trip to the Finger Lakes. After thinking about it, you decide to stay local. Soon you’re roaring in the Sound with a huge smile as the ocean mist flies by your face.

Suddenly, the engine dies...

In the silence you notice you’re stalled directly in the path of an oncoming commercial tugboat. What do you do? With less than 30 seconds to react, you panic and dive out of your boat, in time to watch it get crushed and cause massive damage to the other vessel.

How are you going to pay for all of this? You just took out a loan for this boat only a few hours ago...

The fact is our New York waterways offer unlimited freedom, but they also present drivers with diverse challenges. You need to be equipped with boat training, safety practices and great boat insurance.

 Boat Insurance protects these critical areas in case an accident occurs:

  • Collision - protection for your boat and other vessels
  • Liability - pays the other driver in case claims are filed against you
  • Medical - covers your medical costs if you are injured

Don't be left in a wake of liability. Make sure your boat insurance is rock-solid before you get in the water.

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For 50 years, residents in Farmingdale and throughout Long Island have enjoyed unmatched boat insurance options from Brooks-Waterburn Corp. With one of our expert agents, you can create a boat insurance plan that gives you exactly what you want at a reasonable price.

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