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Client Centered

We provide unparalleled, personalized client service. When you call Brooks-Waterburn Corp., you will be assigned a personal Account Executive who will act as your trusted insurance advisor and advocate. No matter what, your Account Executive will always be ready to speak with you in detail about your account. We take our role as insurance experts seriously—in fact, we have even been known to make local in-person visits to assess the best coverage for you.

We have 50 years of hard-earned insurance expertise. Most insurance companies offer a one-size fits all policy for their customers. At Brooks-Waterburn Corp., we won't give you a quote until we've assessed your individual situation, asked you comprehensive questions and researched the perfect plan for you. This crucial evaluation can be the difference between you losing everything in an instant, or walking away unscathed.

Client Centered

We know the market better than anyone. Policies may look the same, but when it’s time to pay out, insurance companies all act differently. After 50 years of experience, we only deal with the finest insurance companies out there; the ones who put the client first!

We save you money. When our Account Executives shop insurance, they systemically analyze insurance providers and find you the best coverage for your budget. Because of our expertise and thorough research, you can save up to 37% on your insurance plan!

Our Account Executives are licensed professionals. Brooks-Waterburn Corp. is a leading firm of NYS licensed insurance professionals who have undergone stringent testing and licensing requirements. We're always strengthening our knowledge of the insurance industry so we can serve you better!

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