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FACT: The Average Laundromat Owners Saves 37% When They Switch to Brooks-Waterburn.

You are one click away from finding out what savings we can get for you

If you’re like most laundromat owners, the enormous decision to run your own business was bold one. You decided that you wanted to be your own boss so you forged ahead and made the investment. There were plenty of things you had to consider when buying a laundromat: loans, location, staffing, equipment, business insurance, advertising, and much more. This decision process took time, energy and money that you can’t get back.

Even with careful planning and the best of intentions, most laundromat owners try to save money by purchasing a “one size fits all” insurance policy. At face value, this makes sense. You've already invested so much why wouldn't you look for the cheapest laundromat insurance available?

Because cheap laundromat insurance is dangerous.

"Cheap" means you’re putting your entire business in harms way. "Cheap" means your insurance agent is not an expert and won’t ask you the right questions to protect you.

FACT: 75% OF The Laundromat Businesses We Encounter Are Missing Obvious Coverages.

Most laundromat owners are under-insured and at risk to lose everything they worked so hard for. WHY? Because they are insured for only the cost of washers & dryers.


What does this mean? The “trap” is that you’re only insured for the amount of money you took out on your loan, traditionally just for the washer and dryers. What’s wrong with this scenario? Chances are, you invested much more money than you’re insured for. Ask yourself:

  • Did I build-out my business’s space or make improvements?
  • Did I buy additional equipment such as hot water heaters, change machines, or& WiFi modems?
  • Did I purchase “extras” to create an enjoyable laundromat experience— such as coffee machines, a sound system, televisions, games or furniture?

Remember: There are many types of business insurance out there—and most laundry owners get shuffled into a “one size fits all” policy by big insurance companies whose agents only care about commissions.

At Brooks-Waterburn we don’t use the word “cheap” we use this term "Affordable Laundromat Insurance."

With our special Laundromat Success Program, we’ll save you money AND we’ll provide you with better coverage with a customized insurance plan.You can’t go wrong with that. Because affordable laundry insurance = value.

To us, there’s nothing worse than seeing a laundromat owner lose everything because they weren't asked the right questions when they called their insurance company, or because they got sold on the cheapest insurance available.

FACT: Our Job Has Always Been, And Always Will Be, to Protect Our Clients. We Insure Over 1,000 Laundromats from Coast To Coast.

After 50 years of service to our clients, we are confident that we know more about laundry insurance than any other insurance agencies out there, hands down. If you made any other investments to your business, you’re probably not covered. That’s why we created The Laundromat Success Program.

The Laundromat Success Program helps laundromat owners create a detailed plan to completely protect all aspects of their business. With our experience, this program addresses the potential of business crippling losses and reacts proactively instead of re-actively. Our program features the following coverages:

  • Build out Coverage: This covers the cost of construction you invested to the space you are occupying. It could include such costs such as heating, plumbing, electrical and interior construction.
  • Non-owned auto coverage: This protects your company if it’s sued due to an auto accident caused by one of your employees doing company business in a personal vehicle.
  • Umbrella protection: This is additional liability coverage that kicks in after the liability limit is exhausted.
  • Other contents coverage: This includes everything in the shop including vending machines, flat screen televisions, tables, chairs, etc.
  • Workers Compensation Coverage: This covers an employee if they are injured on the job.

Whether you’re looking for laundromat insurance or coin-laundry insurance in California, Texas, Long Island or New York City; Brooks-Waterburn protects you from coast to coast!

Want more than just affordable insurance? Check out the other benefits to using Brooks-Waterburn as your laundromat insurance specialists!

We’re not here just to sell you insurance— we’re here to provide you support and expertise, so you can make the most informed decisions about your business.

Besides being the insurance experts, here are some other things our agents know about:New York Laundry Mat Insurance

  • Which dryers are more likely to create electrical damage…and which ones can survive a flood
  • The top laundromat equipment repair shops in the Long Island and NYC areas
  • The best utility companies
  • The top manufacturers and financiers in the laundromat industry

Over the years, laundromat owners all over the country have switched to us because we protect them better.

Here are some unfortunate scenarios that we've seen when laundromat owners choose cheap insurance policies.

  • In Texas, one laundry customer's child pulled a folding table on top of her and required hospitalization. The company was sued and, due to poor coverage, was burdened with massive debt.
  • During one snowy New York City winter,a customer fell on ice in the owner’s parking lot and broke his hip. After the lawsuit that followed, the owner lost his business because he could not recover financially.
  • A laundry owner in California could not re-open after a claim because he did not carry insurance coverage for the $100,000 build-out he did
  • While doing a delivery in his personal car, a laundromat owner in Long Island was involved in an auto accident. Not only was his business sued, the prosecution went after his personal assets as well; the resulting legal expenses led to closure of his business.

Don’t let these incidents happen to you. Arm yourself with protection from the experts. Please give us a call at 888-997-9801. We are happy to answer any questions you may have, and give you an affordable insurance quote.

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