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Just as valets and body shops are responsible for the well-being of your vehicle while it’s on their watch, marina operators face a similar situation while harboring others’ vessels. What if guests vandalize an unattended vessel during the middle of the night? What if one of your forklift operators accidentally causes damage while putting a boat into storage? Marina operators face these risks every day. Fortunately, marina operators legal liability (MOLL) coverage is there to help protect them from these incidents.

What is MOLL Coverage?New York Marina Insurance

Put simply, MOLL coverage protects marina operators from damage done to vessels while in the marina’s “care, custody and control.” This includes damage done while:

Repairing, altering or conducting maintenance (dry docking)
Storing the vessel, whether on land or in water
Hauling out or launching
Test driving up to a certain radius from the marina
MOLL coverage is typically offered only for private pleasure vessels, but coverage may be extended to commercial vessels if docked in your marina.

MOLL Coverage Exclusions

An important thing to remember about MOLL coverage is that typical marine liability coverage, commonly known as protection and indemnity (P&I), is excluded. P&I coverage applies to the wide variety of third-party liabilities that an owner, not a marina, is exposed to during a vessel’s operation. For example, injury, illness or loss of life caused by a vessel’s operation (plus the associated medical expenses) and damage to other vessels or property caused by collision or other non-collision incidents (such as a storm) are part of P&I coverage.

Other common exclusions include:

  • Subcontracting repairs to a third party. Only repairs done by the marina are covered.
  • Damage to vessels while being stored free of charge. Always charge for vessel storage and make sure the terms are included in the contract.
  • Damage caused by insects, vermin, etc. It is the vessel owner’s responsibility to protect against this damage. However, take steps to ensure your marina is clean and free of areas where these critters congregate.

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In addition to MOLL coverage, consider adding a bumbershoot umbrella policy on top for added marine coverage. As always, we’re here to help. Contact us today to discuss how you can minimize your marina liability!

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