Our Mission

How We Work

At Brooks Waterburn, we understand that you want to protect what is most important to you; your home, your family or your business.  We will provide you with the most comprehensive insurance solutions to give you peace of mind.

We promise you will always talk to a real person who is knowledgeable and not a machine.  You are assigned a dedicated account rep who will help you manages costs while keeping the proper protection.

Unlike those direct writers, you have an insurance advocate in every step of the way.  Weather it is handling a claim, shopping your renewal or just an everyday transaction, Brooks Waterburn will be by your side.


One of our primary goals is to develop a long-term, trusting relationship with you.

Our Process

Our Process

We know that almost everybody who “shops” there insurance is looking for a better price. Makes sense, right. Why pay more for the same thing if you don’t have to? But what are you really paying for? You are paying to make sure your assets are protected. When you have a claim, nobody will remember how much they saved. The customer will remember if they were made whole again.

As an agency owner, what keeps me awake at night is when our customers are unprotected from a catastrophe. They could lose everything they worked for. Our process is simple, we endeavor to have our clients completely protected. This means that we analyze your situation and present solutions that make you aware of what is and is not covered. We want to make sure you are an informed customer. Know what is covered, and know what is excluded. Together we can protect what’s most important to you, you home, your loved ones or business.

Our History

Our History

Brooks Waterburn was formed in 1964 by Rosario Trapani and 2 other partners. Back then we specialized in insuring manufacturers. In fact, Brooks Waterburn formed some of the State Insurance Fund safety groups that are still in existence today.

In 1989, Larry Trapani joined the firm. He brought an insurance company and technology background to the agency. During the 90’s and early 2000’s were major times of change for the insurance industry. Technology became a bigger part of the process and Brooks Waterburn continually invested in technology to better serve our clients.

As our customer demographics changed in the 90’s (manufacturers leaving NY), we evolved into a more niche agency. In 2001, together with his partner Joel Blitzer, we formed the Laundromat Success Program. Over the past 15 years we have protected over 1,000 laundromats nationwide.

Today we have niches in the Auto Service /Repair industry, Supermarkets as well as Boats/Yachts and Marinas. Our technology is cutting edge. We are one of the few agencies to have an App as well as a portal for our clients to check their policies, submit a claim or issue a certificate of insurance.

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